My hoody is back! Win
New hair! Having it short again is weird..
This is the  “I have been on Photoshop and Illustrator all weekend because I now have a job” face
UnshavenUntidyUnkempt but no longer unemployed! Win!
Wicked nightWicked peopleWickedly drunk
Got the mop, chopped!
Chilling with the Besty before a heavy night out tonight
An old one but I miss her when she was this small
Chilling with my old housemate this week! < dis bitch :)
Hangover day with my best mate
We are looking fiiiiiine….
Yeah I went to Halloween as an evil leprechaun…and what?
I got bored of my old tumblr icon so i changed it to an unshaven bedraggled “Real” me :P